Design and Commissioning of Automation and Control Equipment of industrial Furnaces

Design of the Automation and Control equipment of our furnaces, as well as, revamping, upgrades and optimization of existing furnaces
INGENER: Testeo, pruebas y puesta en marcha de hornos industriales

The automation department of INGENER has an extended experience in designing and commissioning control and automation equipment of industrial furnaces by using the latest development and technologies available.

INGENER customizes the software of each furnace to fit with the needs of each customer according to different levels of automation with a Level 2 system based on a mathematical model of predicting the temperature which optimizes the performances of our furnaces.

INGENER automation systems give the possibility of managing all the information accumulated along the heating or heat treatment of the products and make it accessible for the user for a later integration into the complete control of the process.

Ingener also offers the revamping, upgrades and optimization of Automation and Control equipment of existing furnaces.