Rotary hearth furnace

Rotary Hearth Continuous Furnaces for the austenizing before quenching of forged parts of different shapes and dimensions. Loading/Unloading on continuos mode or part by part.

Main details

  • Capacity: Up to – 30 ton/h
  • Diameter: Up to 20 meters
  • Max. Temperature: Up to 1.000ºC

Featured details

Great temperature uniformity on continuous operation
High energy efficiency heating equipment available for installation
Huge flexibility on operation for different heat treatments and temperatures

Auxiliary equipment

Loading/Unloading machines and robots

Recent projects executed

Rotary Hearth Furnace – Capacity: 8 ton/h
Product: Steel Balls
Country: Peru
Rotary Hearth Furnace – Capacity: 1.500 kg/h
Product: Automotive Parts
Country: Spain
Rotary Hearth Furnace – Capacity: 12 ton/h
Product: Steel Balls
Country: Mexico