Auxiliary equipment

Ingener Furnaces, collaborates with many specialist companies for this kind of auxiliary equipment to complete the supply of each project according to the needs of the customers, as well as the supply of different heating equipment for any process may require.

Main details

  • Kick-Off for discharging.
  • Automatic feeding table.
  • Pinch-roll.
  • Peel-Bar.
  • Hydraulic pusher machine.
  • Ladle and tundish heaters.
  • Oxi-gas heating equipment.
  • Endothermic atmosphere generators.
  • Auxiliary Cooling Equipment (towers, heat interchangers, aerocoolers,…).

Featured Details

Specific designed equipment according to the proyect needs

Recent projects executed

Auxiliary Equipment – Feeding table
Product: Billets
Country: Peru
Auxiliary Equipment – Endothermic gas generator
Product: Pipes
Country: Poland