Roller hearth furnace

Continuous roller hearth furnaces for high an low temperature heat treatments, with or without protective atmosphere, for the heat treatment of many products from rolling mills, pipes, bars, … Robust mechanics with very accurate control of the velocity of the products.

Main details

  • Capacity: Up to 15 ton/h
  • Dimensions: Up to 40 meters
  • Max. Temperature: Up to 1.060ºC

Featured details

Specific design according to the products and the heat treatment
Great flexibility for different production rates

Auxiliary equipment

SiLoading/Unloading equipment
Quenching and cooling systems

Recent projects executed

Roller Hearth Furnace – 3.000 kg/h
Product: Automotive parts
Country: Spain
Roller Hearth Furnace – 11.700 kg/h
Product: Bars and coils of SS
Country: Spain