Customized projects

Equipment specially designed for any kind of thermal process to be made to any type of parts with any dimensions and shapes.

Main details

  • Furnace for the test and certification of fire resistance properties of different materials.
  • Oven for reheating special parts.
  • Cooling equipment by forced air.
  • Continuous furnace for reheating bars ends.

Featured details

Specific design according to the project needs
Integration into the existing layout and process
Any kind of heating system

Auxiliary equipment

Charging/Discharging rollways
Kick-Off on dishcarging
Feeding Table

Recent projects executed

Furnace for testing of fire resistance propierties
Products: Construction materials
Purpose: Certification Laboratory
Country: Spain
Reheating furnace for flat steel parts
Products: Steel flat bars
Purpose: Hot forming and quenching
Country: Spain
Retort Furnace
Products: Fluorine and derived
Purpose: Production on Chemical Industry
Country: Spain
Cooling table
Products: Steel Balls
Purpose: Cooling before handling
Country: Peru