Tip up – bell furnace

Tip up or Bell furnaces of different shapes and dimensions according to the products to be heat treated. Normalizing, annealing, stress releaving, etc… with direct or indirect heating equipment (under protective atmosphere) and according to production needs with heating equipment on the base or traveling with the bell.

Main details

  • Capacity: Up to 200 ton
  • Dimensions: According to the product dimensions
  • Max. Temperature: Up to 1.100ºC

Featured details

Continuous or batch operating mode
Simple and cost competitive equipment
Huge flexibility of units to install according to the production needs selecting the number of bases, bells and heating equipment
Great temperature uniformity for different heat treatments (Annealing, Normalizing, Tempering,…)
The bell can be selfportable by automatic drives or hanged by auxiliary systems

Auxiliary equipment

Bell selfportable by electric drives, hydraulic, etc…

Recent projects executed

Bell type Furnace – Capacity: 55 ton
Product: Crankshafts for maritime industry
Country: Spain
Bell type Furnace – Capacity: 30 ton
Product: Rings, flanges for wind industry
Country: Spain