Revamping and retrofiting of existing furnaces

Ingener Furnaces, has an extended experience in revamping and retrofitting existing furnaces according to the new needs of our customers. For that purpose, our engineering team and drafting staff use the latest technologies and designs on each project. Ingener scope includes all the project phases up to the commissioning and final set-up of the equipment.

Main details

  • Production rate increase.
  • Fuel and/or heating equipment change.
  • Replace the furnace in a new location and lay-out changes.
  • Implementation of systems to increase the energetic efficiency.
  • Charging and discharging systems revamping.

Featured details

Specific desgin according to the project needs
Delivery dates and project shedule according to the production stopages and availabilty
Scope of supply accorfing to the customer needs

Recent projects executed