One of the main characteristics of INGENER is that we can adapt the scope of supply of each project according to the actual needs, requirements and particularities of each customer and/or country. INGENER can execute each project based on the following services

Engineering of
Industrial Furnaces

Full development of furnace engineering according to the particularities, needs and requirements of each project. The collaboration with our customers during the designing phase is a key, in which we adapt the design according to project requirements.

Supply and Supervision
of the Manufacturing of
Industrial Furnaces

Ingener offers the possibility of full manufacturing of metallic structures of our Furnaces, but also offers the possibility of manufacturing all structures on destination country, therefore saving in transport and import costs. For that purpose, Ingener technical staff supervises manufacturing process on destination.

Supply and Supervision of
Installation of Industrial Furnaces

Ingener offers the possibility of onsite installation process of our Furnaces, but also offers the possibility of the supply of labor directly hired at destination and executed by local contractors. For that purpose, Ingener offers supervision of installation executed by our technical staff.

Testing and Commissioning of
Industrial Furnaces

The scope of supply of our Furnaces is completed with the testing and commissioning services.

Design and Commissioning
of Automation and
Control Equipment of
industrial Furnaces

Design of the Automation and Control equipment of our furnaces, as well as, revamping, upgrades and optimization of existing furnaces.

Turn key Projects of
Industrial Furnaces

Furnace projects based on Turn key scope of supply with full management of the project.

Maintenance Service of
Industrial Furnaces

Maintenance, inspection and repairing service of Industrial Furnaces.

Supply of
Spare parts

Supply of wear parts, consumables and spare parts.

Gas Receiver

Design and supply of Gas Receiver Installations for the industry.