Batch furnace

Reheating furnaces on forging and rolling mills, for the reheating of ingots, rounds and products of different shapes, dimensions and steel grades (and alloys) for teh manufacturing of huge range of products, such as: flanges on wind industry, hooks, eyebolts, etc…

Main details

  • Capacity: Up to 200 ton
  • Dimensions: Accordign to the product
  • Max. Temperature: Up to 1.350ºC
  • Fuels: Natural Gas, Diesel, Fuel Oil, Blast Furnace Gas, Sintetized gases, …

Featured details

Reheating of products of different shapes and dimensions
Operation in continuous or batch reheating
Heat recovery systems available for installation
Great temperature uniformity

Auxiliary equipment

Charging/Discharging machine

Recent projects executed

Batch furnace 4ton